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Venus Flow Syringe

Flowable nano-hybrid composite to help create beautiful, long-lasting restorations. Low shrinkage and high strength.

The flowable, thixotropic consistency makes it highly versatile, offering ideal handling characteristics for class V restorations, amongst other indications.

The material combines high flexural strength with minimal shrinkage stress. Its excellent radiopacity ensures a reliable diagnosis.

Outstanding polishability and a permanent lustre guarantee truly beautiful, long-lasting restorations.




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HK66014565 Heraeus Venus Flow Syringe - Shade A3 (1 x 1.8g) £26.75 £24.50
HK66040354 Venus Diamond Flow Syringe - Shade A1 - 1.8g £31.50 £31.50
HK66040355 Venus Diamond Flow Syringe - Shade A2 - 1.8g £31.50 £31.50
HK66040358 Venus Diamond Flow Syringe - Shade A3 - 1.8g £31.50 £31.50
HK66040359 Venus Diamond Flow Syringe - Shade A3.5 - 1.8g £31.50 £31.50