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Glove Dispensers PDP

Precision Dental have a choice of glove dispensers which are made to make it easier and convenient to have access while also being a hygienic way to store gloves.

1 Box Glove Holder - "Dracula Teeth" Holding Style

3 Box Glove Holder - Wire Bracket

Both dispensers can be attached to the wall. 

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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
DISP050 3 Box Wire Rack Glove Holder £14.99 £9.50
DISP051 Single Box Glove Holder - 'Dracula' £7.99 £4.99
DISP056 PVC Transparent Triple Glove Box Holder £25.00 £20.00
DISP057 Duo Dispenser - Apron on a Roll and 3 Box Glove Holder in One £40.00 £32.50