Carbide Burs

Precision Dental carbide range provides universal precision instruments suitable for many applications, including cavity preparations, crown separation and periodontal treatment.

Carbide burs are made of tungsten carbide, a material that is 3 times stiffer than steel. Because of it is such a hard material it is able to maintain sharpness, making it an effective cutting tool. Much like diamond burs, carbide burs are available in a variance of shapes. The cuts made in the head of the bur make them effective cutting instruments as there is very little build up in debris.

Carbide burs cut and chip away the tooth structure rather than grinding as diamond burs do, this leaves a much smoother finish than diamond burs. Carbide burs are better handling for removing metal based restorations, they are also effective for trimming and finishing macro-filled and hybrid composites. Carbide burs are most commonly available as a friction grip shank but RA latch type shanks are also widely available.