Aspirator Tubes

Tubes to be added to the end of an aspirator. We stock a number of varieties.

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Aspirator Tubes White (100/pack)


Plain disposable aspirator tubes with 45° + 45° cuts. Orsing’s wide range of disposable aspirator tubes fit any evacuation system. White in colour.

RRP £2.50
Price £2.15
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Concorde II Aspirator Tip 11mm (10pk)

  • Low noise suction tips
  • Flange retracts tongue and cheek
  • Matt surface prevents light reflection
  • Smooth contour means pleasant for the patient and easy to clean
  • Autoclavable upto 134°C
RRP £31.25
Price £28.00
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Hygojet (25) 11mm


The Hygotip is comfortable and protective to use and thanks to its smallness, very suitable when treating children.

RRP £7.00
Price £4.99
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Hygovac 45° End & S-shaped Aspirator Tubes (100/pack)


140 x 11mm Aspirating Tubes. 45˚ and S-Shaped ends.


RRP £5.25
Price £3.50
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Hygovac Bio Aspirator Tubes - Lime Green - 120mm (100/pack)


Manufactured from renewable resources, developed to save and reduce the use of fossil resources and the level of greenhouse gas emissions. Produced from ethanol sugar cane and manufactured as a renewable raw material, saving about 80% CO2 compared to ordinary plastic. 

RRP £4.60
Price £3.50
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Hygovac VENTED Aspirator Tubes (100/pack)


140 x 11mm Aspirating Tubes. Double-ventilated disposable aspirator tube with one traditional 45° end and one S-shaped end. The double holes on each end strongly reduce the effect of getting stuck.

RRP £5.00
Price £3.50
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