Testing and Monitoring

Our Testing and Monitoring range includes Brownes Soil Test Strips, Test Foil and more down below.

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Dentisan Steam Indicator TST Strips (200/pack)


Ensures correct sterilisation conditions have reached packaged instruments. TST strips monitor one or more sterilisation processes for the purpose of detecting sterilisation failures in packaging, loading or steriliser function.

Pack Size: 200 indicators

RRP £30.00
Price £24.50
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Test Foil (1 Roll) - 367 metres


The foil test is the conventional method of measuring ultrasonic activity over the whole of the tank; activity of the Ultrasonic Cleaner is verified by the erosion pattern created on the foil.

Length - 367 metres



RRP £43.00
Price £27.50
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Valisafe Replacement CEI's - Cleaning Efficacy Indicator (10)


Cleaning efficacy indicator.

Designed for the validation and routine monitoring of the cleaning process for washer disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Real blood test soil for use with Process Challenge Devices.

  • Complies to ISO 15883 Part 5

This is a visual indicator that helps you to identify that the load has been cleaned efficiently and can be used as a daily check as advised in HTM 01-01.

RRP £80.00
Price £69.95
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Valisafe EN867-5 Helix Device & 250 Indicator Strips - for ''B'' Type Sterilizers ONLY


Colour change: blue to black

  • Conforms to EN 867 Part 5
  • Specifically engineered for B type (vacuum assisted) table top sterilizers
  • Daily test requirements as stipulated in national standards
  • Easy to use – Easy to interpret
  • Self adhesive backing for documentation purposes
  • Non-hazardous / Lead free according to EC Regulation 1907/2006

Use in conjunction with your in-pack monitoring systems and read on completion of the cycle to ensure that your Type B table top sterilizer is performing correctly. This device, therefore, has the capability to provide you with effectively sterilized items in your practice. Used in conjunction with the Valisafe indicators you can be sure sterility assurance levels have been met.

Time 3.5min

RRP £156.99
Price £100.00
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Brownes Soil Test Strips (100/pack)


Brownes Soil Test Strips monitors the cleaning efficacy of your ultrasonic bath. The indicator strips have been designed to represent typical soiling that would occur during normal use of reusable surgical instruments. The test strips can be used in the mesh design holder and should be placed in a basket within the ultrasonic bath.

As the activity occurs, the red test soil will be removed from the strips and different levels of soil removal will indicate different levels of ultrasonic activity. This is a bench marked performance test which is suitable for validation. The indicator strips mimic occluded surfaces to present a realistic ultrasonic cleaning challenge. 

RRP £138.99
Price £130.00
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Valisafe Replacement CEI's - Cleaning Efficacy Indicator (Pack of 50)


Valisafe cleaning efficiency check is designed for the validation and the routine monitoring of the cleaning efficacy of cleaning processes in washer disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners for surgical instruments.

(i) Valisafe CEI a special cleaning indicator made of stainless steel, which is contaminated with a quantitative measure of test soil (blood and additives), according to ISO 15883.

(ii) This product is easy to use, easy to read and can be disposed of with domestic waste

  • For monitoring the cleaning efficiency of washer disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners
  • Test soil simulation of human blood in accordance with ISO 15883
  • Diagnostic - Easy to use – Easy to read
  • Stainless steel - Non toxic
  • Routine monitor/validation tool
Price £293.99
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