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High Precision Laser Cut Burs

These Precision Laser Cut Burs are designed in an unique way that it is like having 2 diamond burs in 1. This is what helps with the simultaneous bulk reduction and finishing. This is why we have a variety in different shapes to choose from.

The spiral channel allows better cooling efficiency and the spiral grooves help avoid the aqua-planing effect.

TL109 Flat End Cylinder

TL166 Needle

TL171 Flat End Taper

TL172 Flat End Taper

TL173 Flat End Taper

TL198 Round End Taper

TL199 Round End Taper

TL237 Pear

TL238 Pear

TL250 Flame 1

TL289 Torpedo

TL290 Torpedo

TL297 Torpedo 1

TL298 Torpedo

TL299 Torpedo 1

TL111 Flat End Cylinder

TL112 Flat End Cylinder

TL131 Pointed Cylinder

TL140 Round End Cylinder

TL156 Round End Cylinder

TL158 Round End Cylinder

TL165 Needle

TL243 Flame

TL248 Flame