Dental Kits

At Precision Dental we stock a wide number of Dental kits. These kits include all of the tools required to complete their relavent aspect of surgery. These kits provide a simple way of knowing you have the correct tools for each job and help with the orgasnisation of them.

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Picture of Assorted Laser Cut Superfine Finishing Burs  (4/pack)
Picture of Composite Polishing Kit

Composite Polishing Kit

This polishing system which is suitable for many materials: composites, componers, polyglass, ceromere, ceramics, glass ionomers and similar.

For optimal performance using Uporal then finish with the spiral-coated Ultra Light diamonds.

This universal finishing and polishing kit meets today’s highest standards in dentistry. 2 FG spiral diamonds and two carbide instruments finish all ceramics, composites and glass ionomers without clogging.

The diamond-impregnated fibres polish at low speed between 1000 - 2000 rpm and intermittant pressure (lightly abrasive), between 3000 - 5000 rpm and intermittant pressure (high shine). Use the disposable (non autoclavable!) felt polishers impregnated with diamonds for high shine polishing on facial surfaces.

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RRP £46.00
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Picture of Crown Prep Kit (Contains 10 Specialist Burs)

Crown Prep Kit (Contains 10 Specialist Burs)

This professional kit contains all the specialist instruments required for a crown preparation.

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RRP £25.00
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Denture Adjustment Kit - 'NEW'

Kit consists of 6 assorted instruments for straight hand piece. These points are used specifically for chair side adjustments and polishing adjusted surfaces for all resin prostheses.

1 x Carbide for cutting, 4 x Coarse polishers for initial polishing, 1x Superfine polisher high lustre final polishing.

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Picture of Veneer Prep Kit

Veneer Prep Kit

Tool kit for guided preparation of veneers. The depth markers in combination with the guide pin ensure a pre-depth of at least 0.4mm.

The tip surfaces of the cylindrical and tapered instruments with non-spherical but round tops enable chamfer preparations up to 90*.

With these tools esthetical, high quality restorations become reality.

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RRP £35.00
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Picture of Zirconia Tool Kit (containing Zirconia Diamond, Circopol Polisher & Diafix Polisher)

Zirconia Tool Kit (containing Zirconia Diamond, Circopol Polisher & Diafix Polisher)

After grinding with diamonds (water cooling) apply both Circopol N instruments (water cooling) sequentially.

Finish with Diafix-Oral (without water cooling) for perfect high-shine.

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RRP £43.20
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