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Panavia SA Cement Universal

Panavia SA Cement Universal is the new and improved version of Panavia SA Cement Plus, removing the need for primers. It contains a new chemistry: the MDP and LCSi monomer which provides high bond strength and eliminates the need for additional steps i.e. primers.


  • Now contains the original LCSi (long carbon-chain silane coupling agent) monomer, which creates a strong chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resin.
  • Contains MDP monomer which creates a strong chemical bond to metal alloy, zirconia, enamel and dentine.
  • Easy clean-up of excess cement.
  • Contains surface treated sodium fluoride.
  • Can be stored at room temperature (2-25 degrees C).
  • Radiopaque.
  • Approx 16 microns film thickness.
  • Available in Universal A2, White, Translucent.


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