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Velopex X-Ray Films

Velopex E is a double-emulsion high-speed non-screen X-ray film (ISO Class E) with high contrast and fine grain that provides high image quality and outstanding detail definition. The film is intended for direct-exposure routine intraoral radiographs.


The high speed of the film enables reduction of the X-ray dose of 30% in comparison with the dental films of D class, which complies with the world-wide policy of patients’ protection. Modern appliances correct exposure times as well as dose values (impulses).



Velopex E is coated on a dimensionally-stable bluish 0.175 mm thick polyester film base. The film has protective and antistatic layers on both sides, preserving the film against mechanical damage and eliminating the static charge.


  • Adult film: 3cm x 4cm
  • Child film: 2.2cm x 3.5 cm
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92007 Velopex E Speed Intra-Oral Film -- Size 1 Child (100/pack) £35.00 £35.00
92008 Velopex E Speed Intra-Oral Film -- Size 2 Adult (150/pack) £32.50 £30.00