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[Y900079] Surgic XT Irrigation Tubing Set / Single Use / Latex Free (Pack of 5)

Pack (5). Sterile, Single Use Irrigation Tube.

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Irripod Saline Solution Pods 20ml ( 25/pack)

A preservative-free isotonic sterile solution of sodium chloride in water (saline).

It is useful in the topical irrigation and cleansing of wounds, including deep wounds and burns.Handy twist-open pods

  • Accurate directional irrigation
  • Dispenses gentle drops
  • Cost effective saline
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Normasol Sachets Sterile Saline Sodium chloride 25ml (25/pack)

Normal saline for use in topical irrigation, wound cleansing, irrigation of mucous membranes and rinsing of eyes.

  • Size: 25ml
  • Saline, Sodium chloride
  • Sterile
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RRP £23.38
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Omnia Drip Feed Irrigation Tubing / Giving Sets for W&H Implantmed (Pack of 10)

Compatible with: Nobel Biocare80/Implantmed W&H/ Implant Med new design 2005/ Implantmed SI 923/ Astratech Implant SI 923/ Surgical Motor System/ Frioss Unit S/Ace/Strauman/InnovaCorp. 3I/Centerpulse/Lifecore/ DU 900/FRIOS® UNIT S/ FRIOS® UNIT S/i/ Dri Omnia offers a wide range of mechanical irrigation lines, specially made for most physiodispensers on sale. The irrigation systems are complete with perforator, roller or clamp for flow control, hose fittings and integrated peristaltic pump section.

Omnia mechanical irrigation systems have the following options: a. Internal mono irrigation b. External mono irrigation c. Internal and external irrigation. The convenient end cap makes it easier to connect the irrigation line to the handpiece, and allows the infusion tubing with drip adjuster to be connected with all needles for cooling the various handpieces, which are often of different diameters

  • Please note tube is now blue, not white as shown in image.
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RRP £132.00
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Omnia Irrigation Line for NSK Surgics & VarioSurg (Pack of 10)

Sterile irrigation sets specially produced for the different types of physiodispensers. Tips of Alle irrigation lines can adapt to the different diameters of wand-cooling needles.

For Model: NSK Surgic XT, Surgic XT Plus, Osseocision, VarioSurg; Aseptico Aeu 6000-70V, 7000E-70V, 7000L-70V, 17Bv2, 26OS, 707Av2; Bonart Piezo Surgical System.

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RRP £115.00
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Saline 0.9% Solution 500ml (15/pack)

Sterile solution (sodium chloride 0.9%) for the cooling of rotating surgical instruments during implant surgery operations or oscillating instruments during piezoelectric surgery operations.

After a surgical operation, the solution may be used to remove blood and tissue fragments, to wash and irrigate wounds. In case of total disinfection, the solution may be used to wash thermo-sensitive surgical and medical instruments.

  • Box of 15 x 500ml pouches of 0.9% sterile saline solution
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RRP £48.26
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Saline Pouches 250ml (10/pack)

Saline water solution for irrigation. 0.9% sodium chloride concentration.

  • Box of 10 x 250ml pouches of 0.9% sterile saline solution
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Picture of Surgic XT Irrigation Tube Autoclavable (Individual)

Surgic XT Irrigation Tube Autoclavable (Individual)

Irrigation tube Sterilizable (autoclaveable) for the unit of surgery Variosurg of NSK brand.

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RRP £63.10
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W&H Irrigation Tubing Set (6/pack)

Single-use. 1.8m

Pack of 6 individually packed sterile giving sets. For use with the W & H Implantmed Irrigating machine.

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RRP £73.00
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