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FG Diamond Burs

Precision Dental supplies a range of FG Diamond Burs suitable for all types of treatment which were manufactured from Germany and Switzerland. The diamond burs are suitable for the latest prepartion techniques and material with few instrument changes and a shorter preparation time. The Burs have a special cut and blade geometry to suit different materials, ensuring effective cutting and producing optimum results.


We also supply a range of Steel BursTungsten Carbide Burs and New Generation Carbide Cutters

FG001 Round

FG002 Round with Collar

FG697 Long Round

FG010 Inverted Cone

FG014 Inverted Cone

FG019 Inverted Cone Collar

FG225 Long Inverted

FG032 Amalgam Remover

FG523 Amalgam Remover

FG107 Flat End Cylinder

FG110 Flat End Cylinder

FG111 Flat End Cylinder

FG112 Flat End Cylinder

FG130 Pointed Cylinder

FG131 Pointed Cylinder

FG137 Round End Cylinder