Panavia Veneer

“PANAVIA™ Veneer LC” is a light-cure, resin cement with excellent color stability, high wear resistance, provides ample working time, and offers fast and easy clean up.

Indicated for permanent cementation of:

  •  Veneers
  •  Inlays and onlays with less than 2mm in thickness.
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Picture of Panavia Veneer LC Standard Kit - Universal A2

Panavia Veneer LC Standard Kit - Universal A2

It is possible to reduce the time and effort involved in veneer placement with a cement that supports homogeneous cement application, smooth veneer positioning, excess removal, and quick polishing. “PANAVIA™ Veneer LC” offers all of these features, while giving the clinician all the control thanks to the nano cluster technology.

INNOVATIVE CURING TECHNOLOGY - The light-curing cement offers a long working time that facilitates simultaneous placement of multiple veneers. “PANAVIA™ V5” Tooth Primer seals the adhesive interface by immediate curing upon contact with the paste (touch cure). The result is a strong and durable bond

OPTIMIZED HANDLING - An appropriate paste viscosity and consistency allows for easier dispensing and correct seating of the restoration, while the one-second tack-cure function provides for smooth excess cement removal.

HIGH ESTHETICS - A low film thickness and good polish ability allow users to create smooth margins. Four highly colour stable shades offer long-lasting aesthetics. Matching try-in pastes make it easy to select the right shade

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