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Panavia F2.0

Shorter bonding time and greater shear bond strengths. Four shades to work with, especially useful for high quality or difficult restorations and bonded amalgams. Recommended by leading universities as a premium product as it provides consistently good results. Tried tested proven!
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KUR0160 Panavia F2.0 Intro Kit - WHITE £190.00 £140.00
KUR0170 Panavia F2.0 Complete Kit - WHITE £345.10 £240.00
KUR0171 Panavia F2.0 Complete Kit - TC £345.30 £240.00
KUR0174 Panavia F2.0 - Paste A (5g Syringe) £87.25 £85.00
KUR0180 Panavia F2.0 - Paste B (5g Syringe) £93.75 £90.00