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Septoject XL

  • Enlarged bore (43% wider than that of a standard needle) to reduce pressure during the injection thus leading to lesser trauma to tissues during the injection process and reducing pain for patients.
  • Less trauma to tissues achieved through a triple-bevelled needle , a polished and siliconised canula and excellent flexibility of the needle.
  • With bevel indicator to assist in orientating the bevel during injection. 

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XLJECT01 Septoject XL Needles - 27G Short (100 per box) £16.45 £15.00
XLJECT02 Septoject XL Needles - 27G Long (100 per box) £16.45 £15.00
XLJECT03 Septoject XL Needles - 30G Short (100 per box) £16.45 £15.00
XLJECT04 Septoject XL Needles - 30G Ultra Short (100 per box) £16.45 £15.00