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Paper Hand Towels

1 & 2 ply hand towels


Interfold - Reduced consumption as only one towel is dispensed at a time. This also reduces the risk of cross infection as the user never has to touch the dispenser


C-fold - Multiple towels are able to be pulled at one time for faster drying and convenience


Flushable hand towels are ideal for washroom areas and are suitable for use in macerators

2-Ply White C-Fold Hand Towels (2355)

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1-Ply Green Interfold Hand Towels (3600 Sheets)

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1-Ply Green C-Fold Hand Towels (2520 Sheets) - [CF1GR]

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Flushable 2ply WHITE C-Fold Hand Towel (96 Sheets x 24 Sleeves) VFFHT2

Flushable 2ply white c-fold hand towel, hand towels, podiatry, chiropody, chiropodist

2-ply White Interfold Hand Towel (214 Sheets x 15 Sleeves) [IFW2]

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