Waterline Treatment

Waterline treatment is necessary in practice across numerous different pieces of standard equipment in order for the equipment to stay functioning at full capacity. At Precision we stock a host of Waterline Treatment solutions.

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Picture of Alpron AlproCleaner (500ml)

Alpron AlproCleaner (500ml)

Alpron AlproCleaner is a liquid cleaning agent ready for use with disinfecting effect for the spittoon bowls of dental units.


  • bactericidal
  • yeasticidal


  • Spread AlproCleaner generously (10 – 20 ml) in the spittoon bowl and remove visible residues with a plastic brush.
  • Rinse with clear, cold water.

Active ingredient basis:

  • Quick-acting, alkaline cleaning solution for the direct application based on alcohol, QAC, tensides and complexing agents


  • Approved and recommended amongst others by Dentsply Sirona.
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Demineralised Water (4 x 5 Litres)

General purpose demineralised water for use within Autoclaves and all steam generating appliances and equipment.

Water Purified 5L - pack of 4

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Oxygenal 6 Water Disinfectant 1000ml

Time release water disinfectant. Oxygenol 6 prevents the spread of microorganisms in your treatment system during normal operations. 6% hydrogen peroxide.

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ICX Waterline Treatment Tablets Single Dose - 0.7L (50/box)

Waterline Treatment Tablets

Effervescing ICX tablet does the work for you, so there’s no measuring or mixing. Simply add one tablet to an empty self-contained water bottle before each filling. As the tablet dissolves, it releases ingredients into the water that help maintain less than or equal to 10 (CFU/mL), preventing the accumulation of odor and foul-tasting bacteria. ICX continues working in the system with each treatment, protecting the waterlines from further contamination and reducing the need for frequent shock treatments.

A simple, effective and safe solution for waterline maintenance. Three active ingredients: includes sodium percarbonate, silver nitrate and cationic surfactants. Simple single-dose packets, eliminating measuring, mixing and messy solutions. 0.7L and 2L tablets. Accommodates two water bottle sizes.

Benefits of ICX

  • Maintains dental unit waterline effluent ≤ 10 CFU/mL.
  • Reduces build-up of deposits.
  • Continuously present in water; provides a preventive, proactive solution.
  • Remains active in water for at least two weeks during periods of equipment nonuse.
  • Eliminates the need to purge waterlines at night.
  • Compatible for use with restorative bonding materials. Will not affect bond strength.
  • Gentle on dental equipment

When used in conjunction with regular testing and adherence to protocols, A-dec ICX and ICX Renew help simplify your waterline maintenance routine. Ready to use and formulated without harsh chemicals, treating dental unit waterlines with ICX products help protect your investment.

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Orotol Orocup Aspirator Cleaner Maintainence System

Enclosed care system for sucking through the working solutions of Orotol Ultra, Orotol Plus or MD 555 Orotol.

  • Up to 2L of working solution, make up - shake - ready for suction.
  • Connection adaptor for all suction hoses.
  • Made of polyethylene.
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Alpron Water Decontamination Liquid Mint 1Ltr

Liquid concentrate.

For the continuous maintenance of the water quality in treatment water lines (including instruments and tumbler filler) of medical and dental units. Approved by notable dental unit manufacturers, amongst others Dentsply Sirona.


  • bactericidal
  • yeasticidal.

Active ingredient basis:

  • Disinfection concentrate for the conditioning of the procedural water in medical units based on biguanides, complexing agents and tosychloramide sodium

A 1 litre refill bottle of Alpron will normally last 3 months. Each bottle of concentrate will make up 100 litres of active 1% maintenance solution.

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Picture of Alpron & Biofilm Removal Treatment - STARTER KIT

Alpron & Biofilm Removal Treatment - STARTER KIT

Alpron & Biofilm Removal Treatment is a specially formulated, mild disinfectant for routine decontamination of dental water delivery systems.

  • Bactericidal and fungicidal.
  • Ensures all water coming from the dental unit is of potable quality - under 100 c.f.u (Colony Forming Units).
  • 1% dilution:
  • 1 litre makes 100 litres of solution.

The starter system contains all the materials needed to complete a biofilm removal of your dental unit, with enough maintenance solution to last at least 3 months.

Kit includes:

  • Alpron Concentrate 1L
  • 2-Part Biofilm Removal Treatment,
  • Water Sampler Red ,
  • BC-San 100,
  • Bilpron 250ml,
  • Storage Container with Tap 5L,
  • Log Book, Reference Guide,
  • Jug 2L,
  • Funnel and Measuring Cup.
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