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Amalgam Carriers

The Amalgam Carriers we supply are autoclavable, easy to use and clean, provides control for the ejection of amalgam and come in 3 different nozzle shapes

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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
A1000 A1000 Amalgam Carrier Straight £6.25 £5.00
A1001 A1001 Amalgam Carrier 45 Degrees £6.25 £5.00
A1002 A1002 Amalgam Carrier 90 Degrees £6.25 £5.00
A1010 A1010 Amalgam Nozzle Straight £1.50 £0.90
A1045 A1045 Amalgam Nozzle 45 Degrees £1.50 £0.90
A1090 A1090 Amalgam Nozzle 90 Degrees £1.50 £0.90