Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Liners

Self cure radiopaque hard setting calcium hydroxide cavity liner.

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Dycal Refill Pack - Shade Ivory (13g Tube Base Paste, 11g Tube Catalyst Paste & Mixing Pad)

Dycal Calcium Hydroxide Liner is a two-component, rigid-setting, self-curing material designed for use in direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner under dental adhesives, varnishes, filling materials, cements, and other base materials. It will not inhibit the polymerization of acrylic and composite restorations.

Indications for use:-

  • Application to exposed, vital pulp tissue (direct pulp capping).
  • Application to dentin as a protective barrier between restorative materials and deep vital dentin (indirect pulp capping) or where dentin to restorative material contact is not desired.

Contains: 13g Tube Base Paste, 11g Tube Catalyst Paste & Mixing Pad.

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Life Calcium Hydroxide Cavity Line - REGULAR SET (12g Base/12g Catalyst & Mixing Pad)

Life is a calcium hydroxide cavity liner available in both regular and fast set.

Contains: 12g tube base, 12g tube catalyst and mixing pad.

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PerfectaLINE - Calcium Hydroxide Base Liner (13g Base Paste & 11g Catalyst Paste)

  • Radiopaque calcium hydroxide liner for capping pulp or providing a layer under filling materials and cements
  • Mixes to smooth and creamy consistency to a 'dentine-like' colour
  • Self-setting to rigid, solid liner that does not inhibit the polymerisation of acrylic and composite restorations
  • Contains 13g Base paste, 11g Catalyst paste and mixing pad
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VOCO Calcimol LC Base Liner Syringe (2 x 2.5g Syringes)

Light-curing radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste


  • Indirect pulp capping
  • Lining under all filling materials
  • Protection when applying the total-etch technique


  • Time-saving light-curing and direct application from the new NDT®-syringe
  • Ready-to-use one-component material
  • Effective protection of the pulp
  • Acid-resistant
  • Supports the formation of secondary dentine

Calcimol LC in the new NDT®-syringe

  • NDT® means non-dripping-technology
  • Especially suited for fine-flowing materials
  • Can be dosed and applied with precision
  • Without any loss of material

Contains 2 x 2.5g syringes & application cannulae type 41

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