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Since 1993, Precision Dental has been dedicated to delivering high quality products to dentists, individuals, and diverse businesses across the UK. Our extensive range of high-quality products covers an array of essentials for dentists and medical environments.

Our product range includes Examination Gloves, Restorative Materials, Needles & Syringes, Cements & Liners, Handpieces, Impression Materials, Implantology, Oral Hygiene, Surgery Consumables and more down below. 

Explore our website to view our extensive range and take advantage of our latest offers here. For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Read more.

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Picture of Fortis Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Restorative (Water Mix)  -  Shade LG  (15g Powder)

Fortis Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Restorative (Water Mix) - Shade LG (15g Powder)


Shades:  LY, U, LG. 15g pack gives you 50% more material than the leading brand

Fortis Glass Ionomer Aesthetic Restorative is a high strength, general purpose direct aesthetic restorative. 

An enhanced glass ionomer filling material, which has been developed for minimal intervention dentistry. Ideal for use in posterior situations where aesthetics are of prime concern. 

  • Minimal Intervention (MI) treatment
  • ART Technique
  • Suitable for class I and II cavities in the adult dentition (non-load bearing)
  • Geriatric and Paediatric restoration classes I, II, III, V cavities
  • Final restorative for deciduous teeth
  • Intermediate restorative for heavy stress cavities
  • Sealing of pits and fissures Base and lining material
  • Safety Data Sheet


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4902-716 1.jpg

Implant/Oral Surgery Kit



1. Adhesive Split Sheet (100x150cm) x 1

2. Adhesive Drape (75x90cm) x 2

3. Adhesive Drape (50x42cm) x 1

4. Hose Cover (8x120cm) x 2

5. Dental Light Handle Cover (25x50cm) x 2

6. Suction Set x 1

7. Surgical Gown (M) x 2

8. Hand Towel (32x30cm) x 4

9. Procedure Face Mask x 2

10. Operating Cap x 1

11. Charlotte (mob/bouffant) cap x 1

Price £30.00
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Picture of Surgery/Implant Kit - Value Set

Surgery/Implant Kit - Value Set


Sold individually, 1 kit contains:

1. Surgical gown L x 1
2. Hand towels x 2 
3. Operating cap x 1 
4. Charlotte caps x 2 
5. Surgical masks with ties x 1
6. Masks with elastics x 2
7. Surgical Drape x 2
8. Adhesive split sheets x 1
9. Hose cover 8x120cm x 1
10. Visit Gowns x 2

Price £18.00
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