Ultrasonic & Instrument Disinfection

Instrument disinfection is a necessity in the Practice which must be completed on a regular basis. At Precision we stock a wide range of effective solutions to enable you to do this.

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Precision Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate (1 Litre + Measuring Cup)

Precision Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate is used for pre-cleaning and decontamination of medical devices such as hand instruments & forceps, rotary instruments, and mirrors etc.

Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaner is a Germicidal/Enzymatic concentrate and an effective germicidal detergent for immersion cleaning and/or decontamination of inanimate, non-porous surfaces on instruments and appliances.

  • Not recommended for manual cleaning.
  • 30ml of concentrate to 970ml of tap water
  • Safety Data Sheet
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IDactive Instrument Disinfectant (2.5 Litre)

Bossklein IDactiv is a registered medical device, designed for the disinfection and cleaning of manual instruments and tools. Alternatively, IDactiv can also be used to disinfect many types of rotating instruments such as burs, diamonds and polishers inside the bur bath.

  • For the disinfection of instruments and tools
  • Use inside instrument bath or ultrasonic bath
  • Short soaking time, from only 15 mins
  • Super effective concentrate
  • Wide material compatibility
  • Low hazard classification
  • Mild fresh aroma
  • EN14476 virus tested
  • Active against TB
  • 2% or 4% dilution ratio
  • 2 in 1: cleans & disinfects

See Instructions for Use here

Safety Data Sheet

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IDactive Instrument Disinfectant Powder (700g Tub)

Concentrated powder for the disinfection and cleaning of medical instruments and tools.

  • 30 minute soaking time
  • 2% or 4% dilution ratio
  • Colour change properties
  • Highly effective – EN14476 tested
  • Aldehyde, Chlorine and Phenol free
  • Economical 2% dilution ratio

Information Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 

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RRP £35.00
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Protect+ Instrument Cleaning Sachets (50/pack)

Individual pre-dosed, soluble cleaning sachets, specially formulated with formulated surface-active cleaner. Removes dirt, dried blood and other organic matter from Instruments, Glassware and Hard Surfaces.

  • Pre-dosed, plastic-free, soluble sachets significantly reduce amount of product transported, by removing liquid.
  • 1 x 17.5g sachet makes up to 3L of solution, ideal for use with Protect+ Instrument Pre-Sterilisation Box 3L.
  • Fully recyclable inner plastic bag and cardboard carton, giving product exceptional environmental credentials.
  • Unperfumed and suitable for use in Ultrasonic.
  • Pack of 50 x 17.5g sachets.
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RRP £32.50
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Protect+ Instrument Pre-Sterilisation Box - 3 Litre Autoclavable Plastic Box

Protect Pre-Sterilisation Box is a 3 litre autoclavable plastic box used for the cold sterilisation of instruments and burs.

Box size – 35 x 26 x 14cm

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RRP £36.50
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Alkasept AF Instrument Disinfectant (1 Litre)

Alkasept-Ultra is a detergent pre-disinfection agent specifically formulated to aid in the reprocessing through ‘manual scrubbing’ of all immersible, reusable Surgical, Medical, Dental instruments prior to sterilisation.

  • Free of all aldehydes, chlorine and phenols.
  • Pleasant fragrance, non hazardous and fully biodegradable.
  • Supplied in 1 litre concentrate with dosing device (50 litres of solution).
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Picture of Durr ID 212 Instrument Disinfectant (2.5 Litre)

Durr ID 212 Instrument Disinfectant (2.5 Litre)

ID 212 Forte is an aldehyde free concentrate for disinfecting and cleaning general and surgical instruments as well as rotating instruments sensitive to alkali and alcohol.

ID 212 Forte has bactericidal properties, including anti-tuberculosis, yeasticidal and limited virucidal properties, and is active against non-enveloped viruses (adenoviruses, noroviruses).

  • Concentrate makes 125 litres.  
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Alkazyme Instrument Disinfectant Powder (750g)

The Alkapharm Alkazyme Instrument Disinfectant Powder is an alkaline enzyme-based disinfectant cleaner.

  • A powerful lime sequestering agent: inhibits limescale deposits and prevents biofilm mineralisation.
  • Acts on the biofilm's internal structure: its alkaline pH provides excellent cleansing action, leaving equipment clean, shining and smartened up, without the need for scrubbing.
  • Optimum capacity to make soiling soluble (blood, pus, etc.):the powder form preserves the enzymes' efficacy, which is not usually compatible with an alkaline pH.
  • The wastewater discharged is Decontaminated: up to 7 log reduction of bacteria in 15 mins

Bactericidal, Yeasticidal, effective against HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Herpes virus.

With 5g dosing spoon (makes up to 150L of solution).

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RRP £84.50
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Picture of Gigasept FF  (2 Litre)

Gigasept FF (2 Litre)

Gigasept FF is a high-level disinfectant based on succinic acid dialdehyde for manual reprocessing of surgical and sensitive medical instruments.

  • Broad spectrum of action.
  • Suitable for treatment of heavily contaminated instruments.
  • Outstanding material compatibility.
  • 14 days standing time.


  • 2 litre bottle
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RRP £151.99
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