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Prophylaxis Paste

Regular and oil-free prophylaxis pastes available

  • A unique blend of abrasives, specifically formulated to ensure
      optimum removal of plaque and calculus without any appreciable
      abrasion to tooth enamel
  • Thixotropic properties of the paste carefully controlled to allow easy
      application without any undesirable spattering at the rotation speeds 
      required for prophylaxis
  • Oil-free version formulated for use prior to placing adhesive restorations
  • Pleasant orange flavour, while the regular paste comes in a fresh mint flavour

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300109A Fortis REGULAR Prophylaxis Paste Medium Mint (250g) £6.00 £4.50
300109B Fortis OIL FREE Prophylaxis Paste Medium Orange (300g) £11.65 £8.00