Swift® Slider - Full Length Slider Sheet WITH HANDLES (L 200cm x W 243cm)

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Swift® Slider - Full Length Slider Sheet WITH HANDLES (L 200cm x W 243cm)
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The Swift® In-Bed Repositioning System uses the UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet in conjunction with the Swift® Sliders for use with more dependent patients/residents who have little or no mobility and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning. It's Ultra Thin breathable fabrics make the device suitable to remain under the patient at all times, without any negative impact on the performance of specialty mattresses.

The Swift® Slider is a friction reducing device that remains in-situ to assist with patient/resident repositioning, boosting and turning in bed. Made with a breathable, low-friction backing it allows staff to reposition patients/residents safely and easily whilst avoiding heat build up under the patient/resident. The Swift® Sliders can be tucked in when not in use and has the visual appeal of standard bedding.

The thin profile will not impair the performance of pressure redistribution mattresses and can therefore remain on the bed when not in use (tucked in), making it readily available when needed. All Swift® Sliders are designed for both standard and bariatric use.

Full Length Swift Slider with Handles can be used to hook up to a hoist as the handles running inset down two length.

  • L200 x W243cm