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Handi Blue Nitrile Powder Free (200/box)

Nitrile powder free gloves by Handi are disposable, they are manufactured from man-made synthetic rubber. Nitrile gloves offer high levels of puncture and chemical resistance, providing a comfortable fit with good sensitivity and grip.


  • Latex free
  • Low protein AQL 1.5
  • Textured finger grip
  • XS,S,M,L,XL
  • Ambidextrous
  • Single use


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GL5041 Handi Blue NITRILE PF Gloves / SMALL (200) £18.00 £15.00
GL5042 Handi Blue NITRILE PF Gloves / MEDIUM (200) £18.00 £15.00
GL5043 Handi Blue NITRILE PF Gloves / LARGE (200) £18.00 £15.00