Clearfil SE Bond 2 Kit

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Clearfil SE Bond 2 Kit
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Clearfil SE Bond 2 from Kuraray is a two-step, self-etch, light-cure bonding agent with an improved catalyst system for stronger bonds and a new dual-cure activator for use with all indirect restorations and core build-up composites.


  • Universal clinical applications with new Clearfil DC Activator
  • New catalyst system for stronger bond strengths.
  • Exceptional, unparalleled, long-term, class-V, clinical research with Clearfil Self-Etch products (5 Year – 10 Year Recalls 91% - 100% Retention)
  • Low film thickness with indirect restorations
  • Ideal bulk-fill adhesive (absorbs stress & maintains seal on dentin)
  • Ideal adhesive layer for direct restorations
  • No shaking, no mixing, no scrubbing, no multiple applications
  • SE Primer 2 treats Zirconia & Alumina restorations
  • No light-curing inside of indirect restorations


  • Direct restorations using light-cured composite resin
  • Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations
  • Treatment of exposed root surfaces
  • Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured restorations
  • Post cementation using a dual or self cured composite resin
  • Core build-ups using a light, dual or self cured core material
  • Cementing inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and veneers using a composite resin cement


  • 6ml Primer
  • 5ml Bonding agent
  • 1 x dispensing dish
  • 1 x light blocking plate
  • 1 x outer case
  • 50 x fine applicator brushes
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Clearfil Universal Bond Quick Refill (5ml)


One-step adhesive for all your bonding and pre-treatment needs

CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick takes you to the next step into bonding agents. Since CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick does not need any waiting, multiple layers or extensive rubbing, it creates the possibility for uniform results and optimum adhesion, treatment after treatment.

All indications. One Bond.

The product reliably bonds all direct restorations, core build-ups and even indirect restorations and repairs. Simply use it the way you want: self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch. But whichever way, CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick delivers the same uniform results without the need to wait.


Unlike traditional dental bonding agents that require waiting time, extensive rubbing and multiple layers in order to deliver an optimum result, with CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick your restorative procedures are carried out to the exceptionally high standards. Exceptional levels of adhesion result in a bond that lasts with minimal risk of remedial work. And, because there’s no need to wait before you proceed, procedures take less time than with most other available bondings, benefiting both patient and practitioner.

Aesthetic thin film layer

CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick comprises a thin film layer of just 5 to 10 μm making it aesthetically pleasing even in the most demanding anterior restorations. Its innovative new amide monomers create many crosslinks to improve the stability of the thin film layer. This in turn delivers a superior bonding layer which is resistant to moisture and it shows good aesthetics at margin of anterior restorations.

Truly Universal Bond

CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick can be used with almost all composite materials and also in cases where dual curing materials are required, for instance in post and core procedures. It acts as an excellent surface conditioner when priming indirect materials such as zirconia, glass-ceramics or metals or during intra-oral repairs.


  • 1 x 5ml bottle of Clearfil Universal Bond Quick
RRP £110.00
Price £89.00
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Futurabond U Single Dose (50/pack)


Dual-Cure Universal Adhesive in Single Dose Delivery System


  • Direct and indirect restorations using any light-curing, self-curing or dual-curing methacrylate-based restorative, core build-up or luting composite
  • Intraoral repair of fillings, ceramic veneers and all-ceramic restorations without additional primer
  • Treatment of hypersensitive tooth necks
  • Protective varnish for glass ionomer cement restorations
  • Sealing of cavities prior to amalgam restorations or prior to temporary luting
  • Luting of root posts with dual-cure or self-cure luting composites (resin cement)


  • One adhesive for all your adhesive dentistry
  • Self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch
  • For all direct or indirect materials
  • No additional activator required for self- or dual cure materials.
  • Bonds to all light-, dual- and self-cure resin materials
  • Bonds to metal, zirconia, aluminium oxide, silicate ceramic without any extra primer
  • VOCO’s patented new Single Dose System eliminates the problem of solvent evaporation as known issue of other bottle systems - this ensures reliable high bond strength each application.
  • Fast and easy one-coat application (apply, dry and cure in 35 sec.)
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity  
  • Over 30 MPa adhesion to dentin and enamel with LC composites while reaching total-etch adhesion levels with DC and SC composites 
  • Reinforced with nano particles for permanent bond strength
  • No refrigeration required


    • Pack of 50 SingleDoses


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Price £100.00
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