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BD Plastipak Syringe - 50ml Leur Lok (60)

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BD300865 BD Plastipak Syringe - 50ml Leur Lok (60) £35.50 £35.50

The BD Plastipak high capacity syringe offers gradual and controlled movement of plunger with accuracy and safety of use the body of the syringe is transparent. The Plastipak 50ml syringe has a luer-lock concentric tip which a needle hub or extension line that can be safely locked on the syringe. For guaranteed protection of photosensitive drugs 50ml opaque syringe stops 90% of light rays between 290 450 nm UV wavelength. 50ml syringes are particularly suitable for automatic infusion equipment: syringe-drivers, pumps, etc. They have been approved for use with leading brands of syringe-driver. The BD Plastipak syringe is a single-use syringe that is sterile and latex-free.