VOCO Structur 2 SC Cartridge Refills A3 (75g)

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VOCO Structur 2 SC Cartridge Refills A3 (75g)
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Self-curing composite material for the fabrication of provisional crowns and bridges


  • Fabrication of aesthetic temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays


  • Simple and fast working steps
  • Less than 1 minute setting time in the mouth
  • Easy to shape and polish
  • Available in 8 shades for natural aesthetics
  • Long-lasting temporaries
  • High stability of shape and shade
  • Very economical due to minimal material loss
  • Natural flourescence

Includes Mixing Tips type 6

Note: Dispenser/gun shown is not included


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Cool Temp Natural Mixing Tips Blue/Small (40)
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Dentsply Integrity Cartridge - Shade A3.5 (76g Cartridge + Mixing tips)
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DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge A1 (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110710 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge A3 (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110587 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge A3.5 (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110589 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge Bleach Light (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110402 £91.00 £74.24
DMG Luxatemp Plus Cartridge A2 (75g + 15 Automix Tips)
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Hu-Friedy Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns Pedo Intro Kit (48/pack)
30-001A2 £68.50 £60.00
Oxford Temp Crown & Bridge Material Shade A2 (10:1)
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Protemp 4 - Temporisation Material - A2 (Refill 50ml)
3M46957 £138.25 £86.00
Protemp 4 - Temporisation Material - A3 (Refill 50ml)
VC1480 £150.00 £95.00
VOCO Structur 2 SC Cartridge Refills A2 (75g)
VC2504 £115.00 £110.00
Voco Structur 3 Cartridge Refills - Shade A2 - 50ml
VC2505 £115.00 £88.00
Voco Structur 3 Cartridge Refills - Shade A3 - 50ml
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Affinis Wash Material

Affinis wash materials wet the tooth and gingiva extremely quickly and effectively. Its hydrocolloid-like property ensure that the wash material flows into the narrowest areas without applying pressure. Besides the very low contact angle thanks to its structure-breaking property of the surfactant agent, Affinis fast light body provides an extremely quick working time. The mixed material shows adequate stability and does not drip from the tooth.

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Fuji 9 Fast Capsules - Glass Ionomer Restorative - Shade A3 (50 Capsules)

Packable glass ionomer restorative in a normal and fast set.


  • GC Fuji IX GP is ideal for permanent or temporary Class I and II restorations in children’s teeth, non-load-bearing Class I and II restorations in adult teeth, Class V and root surface restorations, core build-up and for use with a composite or an inlay in the immediate or delayed sandwich technique


  • Easy-to-use packable posterior glass ionomer with high wear resistance
  • Intrinsic adhesion to dentine and enamel, without the need for etching and bonding or rubber dam
  • Can be used with metal matrices for easy contouring
  • Single step placement
  • Good radiopacity, facilitating postoperative diagnosis
  • Excellent biocompatibility

Fuji IX GP Fast specific:

  • Shorter setting time with final finishing only 3 min after start of mix
  • Thicker consistency for easy packing
  • Stronger for improved longevity
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