BridgeIT Temporary Crown and Bridge Material - Shade A3 (75g) 1:1

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BridgeIT Temporary Crown and Bridge Material - Shade A3 (75g) 1:1
£60.00 £50.00
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Mixing tip ratio 1:1

The product formulation ensures low heat generation duting the itra oral setting protecting againts damaging the pulp. High flexural strength allows for easy placement and the compressive strength provides exceptional strength and resistance of the final restoration against masticatory forces. 

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SGUN10-1 £15.00 £12.50
10:1 Mixing Gun
PP010-1610 £60.00 £50.00
BridgeIT Temporary Crown and Bridge Material - Shade A2 (75g) 1:1
3M56660 £38.75 £32.00
3M RelyX Temp NE Temporary Cement (Contains: 30g base paste, 13g Catalyst, Activator & Mixing Pad)
CW7774 £45.99 £37.00
Cool Temp Natural Mixing Tips Blue/Small (40)
CW5805 £100.99 £85.00
Cool Temp Natural Temporary Automix Crown & Bridge Material - A2 (85g)
CW5810 £100.99 £85.00
Cool Temp Natural Temporary Automix Crown & Bridge Material - A3.5 (85g)
DY60578346 £151.00 £125.00
Dentsply Integrity Cartridge - Shade A2 (76g Cartridge + Mixing tips)
DY60578347 £151.00 £125.00
Dentsply Integrity Cartridge - Shade A3.5 (76g Cartridge + Mixing tips)
DMG110585 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge A1 (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110710 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge A3 (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110587 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge A3.5 (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110589 £104.99 £95.00
DMG Luxatemp Fluorescence Cartridge Bleach Light (76g + 15 Automix Tips)
DMG110402 £91.00 £74.24
DMG Luxatemp Plus Cartridge A2 (75g + 15 Automix Tips)
HUFSSC-KIT-CE £228.00 £210.00
Hu-Friedy Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns Pedo Intro Kit (48/pack)
30-001A2 £68.50 £60.00
Oxford Temp Crown & Bridge Material Shade A2 (10:1)
3M46956 £138.25 £86.00
Protemp 4 - Temporisation Material - A2 (Refill 50ml)
3M46957 £138.25 £86.00
Protemp 4 - Temporisation Material - A3 (Refill 50ml)
VC1480 £150.00 £95.00
VOCO Structur 2 SC Cartridge Refills A2 (75g)
VC1481 £150.00 £95.00
VOCO Structur 2 SC Cartridge Refills A3 (75g)
VC2504 £115.00 £110.00
Voco Structur 3 Cartridge Refills - Shade A2 - 50ml
VC2505 £115.00 £88.00
Voco Structur 3 Cartridge Refills - Shade A3 - 50ml
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Precision Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate (1 Litre + Measuring Cup)


Precision Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Concentrate is used for pre-cleaning and decontamination of medical devices such as hand instruments & forceps, rotary instruments, and mirrors etc.

Enzymatic Ultrasonic Cleaner is a Germicidal/Enzymatic concentrate and an effective germicidal detergent for immersion cleaning and/or decontamination of inanimate, non-porous surfaces on instruments and appliances.

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ImpressPLUS Chromatic Alginate - Fast Set (450g)


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The short setting time (60 seconds) minimises any patient discomfort whilst the high elasticity and resistance to tear provide a high-definition impression.

  • Mixing time with spatula – 60 seconds (Violet)
  • Working time to load impression tray – 50 seconds (Lilac)
  • Initial setting time for inserting into mouth – 2 minutes (Green)
  • Class A
  • Easy to mix
  • Thixotropic
  • Fast in mouth, minimum setting time 60 seconds
  • Mint flavour Dust Free
  • High accuracy: 50 micron

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