Brownes Soil Test Strips (100/pack)

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Brownes Soil Test Strips (100/pack)
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Brownes Soil Test Strips monitors the cleaning efficacy of your ultrasonic bath. The indicator strips have been designed to represent typical soiling that would occur during normal use of reusable surgical instruments. The test strips can be used in the mesh design holder and should be placed in a basket within the ultrasonic bath.

As the activity occurs, the red test soil will be removed from the strips and different levels of soil removal will indicate different levels of ultrasonic activity. This is a bench marked performance test which is suitable for validation. The indicator strips mimic occluded surfaces to present a realistic ultrasonic cleaning challenge. 

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Clip is a restorative material for clean, temporary obturations. The procedure of applying the material saves time as it can be cured using a halogen or LED polymerisation light. More over Clip remains elastic after curing and can be removed in one piece with a suitable instrument before permanent treatment of the cavity.

Clip products are also utilised in endodontics: in prolonged root treatment requiring more than one sitting Clip provides a saliva-proof seal for the cavity and thus protects it from germinal invasion. Here, too, the simple and time-saving handling of the material is advantageous during repeated sealing and re-opening in endodontic treatment

Furthermore, the excellent seal provided by Clip protects from undesirable food particles and bacteria entering the cavity.

Thus, Clip combines many advantages in one material.

  • The process of treatment becomes simpler 
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  • Uncomplicated handling
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Clip F additionally contains fluorides; hence Clip F combines the advantages of Clip and those of a continued release of fluorides inside the freshly prepared cavity. 

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