S-Max M M800L - (Optic) Turbine Torque/Mini Head NSK Coupling

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S-Max M M800L - (Optic) Turbine Torque/Mini Head NSK Coupling
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Introducing the next phase in NSK’s dental turbine evolution, the S-Max M Series is the embodiment of the manufacturer’s expertise in handpieces.

By providing the reliability and safety demanded by practitioners, NSK S-Max M Advanced Dental Turbines deliver enhanced usability and help maintain high standards of patient care.


Through the development of a new rotor shape, the S-Max M series delivers a significant boost, increasing the power of the M800 range to 23W.


Encased in a stainless-steel shell with a satin-like finish, each S-Max M Advanced Dental Turbine is rust-proof, ultra-durable and super-sturdy.

General wear is minimised allowing the cartridge to last longer thanks to the ceramic bearings being 25% harder than steel and half the weight.

The Clean Head System comes equipped with an anti-suck back mechanism that prevents blood and foreign matter from entering the head from the oral cavity. As a result, the ball bearings and mechanical parts last longer.


NSK S-Max M Advanced Dental Turbines are designed to accommodate easy to replace barrel cartridges. Changing cartridges eliminates water blockage.

Featuring Quattro Spray, the turbine sprays more effectively over the entire bur for better cooling.

Easily release the bur with the responsive and tactile push button.


Head: Miniature Head
Power: 23W
Rotation: 380,000-450,000 min-1
Head Size:  Ø10.6 x H 12.4 mm
Water Spray: Quattro Spray
Body Material: Stainless Steel