President Putty - 300ml - 2 pack

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President Putty - 300ml - 2 pack
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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of PRESIDENT, the A-Silicone line has been relaunched under the new brand name PRESIDENT The Original with improved characteristics.

New colours

  • The new, fresh colours of the PRESIDENT line provide a better contrast between wash and tray material and thus show more accurate detail readability.

New materials

  • The tray portfolio of new PRESIDENT contains beside the common materials two additional viscosities: MonoBody and Putty Super Soft. With the line extension of the monophase material MonoBody, implant impressions can be done even more precisely. In addition, the new Putty Super Soft is very smooth and easy to mix.
  • The new wash material portfolio of PRESIDENT offers beside light body and regular body one additional viscosity: Xtra light body As indicated by the name, Xtra light body is a very fluid wash material which can be used to capture even marginal details as it flows into the narrowest areas without dripping from the tooth.

PRESIDENT The Original Putty:-

Putty is the preferred material for the 2-step technique where pressure is needed. Besides the well-known putty soft the new putty super soft is very smooth and easy to mix. Different end hardness’s offer optimal stability and simple ease of cutting.

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SAB401 £60.00
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CW6775 £52.00
Affinis Precious Light Body - Silver (2 x 50mlMixing Tips x 12)
CW6776 £52.00
Affinis Precious Regular Body Gold (2 x 50ml)
CW6535 £85.00
Affinis Putty Super Soft (300ml Base & 300ml Catalyst)
CW6511 £67.00
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CW6472 £155.00
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DY678671 £123.00
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3M36843 £86.00
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DMG909831 £52.50
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PP010-1280 £32.00
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PRESIDENT The Original Regular Body (2 x 50ml Cartridges)
HK66008290 £65.00
Provil novo CD2 Light - Fast Set (2 x 50ml Cartridges & Mixing Tips)
HK50035412 £78.40
Provil novo Putty - Soft Fast Set (250ml Base & 250ml Catalyst)
HK65210096 £120.00
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