Provil novo Putty - Soft Fast Set (250ml Base & 250ml Catalyst)

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Provil novo Putty - Soft Fast Set (250ml Base & 250ml Catalyst)
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Elastomeric, silicone-based precision impression material, addition-cured.

Provil novo consists of five perfectly matched consistencies, available in two setting times. With its optimal quality and broad range of indications, Provil novo serves as a base for precise impressions and accurate prosthetics.

  • 5 ideally matched consistencies and setting times for all clinical situations and different techniques
  • Impressions with extremely high precision
  • High recovery from deformation
  • Optimal final hardness
  • Long lasting dimensional stability
  • Excellent thixotropic and hydroactiv properties

The advanced modular impression system for all techniques.

The modular system design ensures the highest level of comfort and meets every need for individuality. Provil novo completely adapts to any impression technique and individual working style.

The advanced formulation of Provil novo offers non-technique sensitive accuracy of fit in all clinical situations. The regular set offers 2:00 min working time and 3:30 min setting time. The fast set comes with a working time of 1:30 min and a setting time of 2:30 min. Provil novo is available in different delivery forms, ranging from the Dynamix and Automix cartridge systems to handmix variants (tubes and doses).

Contains 250ml each of Base & Catalyst.

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