Fortis Acid Etch Gel - Blue (5ml Syringe & 10 Tips)

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Fortis Acid Etch Gel - Blue (5ml Syringe & 10 Tips)
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Regular 5ml pack. 50ml jumbo pack available here.

The Fortis Acid Etch Gel is a 40% aqueous phosphoric acid etchant designed to provide convenient preparation of enamel prior to placing resin based restorations.

The etch gel produces micromechanical interlock for the keying of resin based cements and restoratives. The gel is thixotropic meaning it can be accurately placed on the area to be treated without risk of spreading. The bright colour clearly shows the clinician where the etchant is placed and also useful when it comes to washing off the product.

  • Contains 40% phosphoric acid


  • Thixotropic


  • Bright Colouring


  • Vital tool in everyday adhesive dentistry


  • Bright blue colour allows easy identification of the etch in situ and the thixotropic nature prevents any slumping


  • Compatible with all Current Brands of Visible Light Cured Composite Restorative Materials


  • Treatment of enamel margins of class I, II, Ill and V composite restorations to prevent microleakage.


  • Treatment of enamel surfaces of class IV composite restorations for retention.


  • Treatment of occlusal surface of posterior teeth prior to application of fissure sealant resin.


  • Treatment of enamel surfaces of teeth prior to the attachment of orthodontic appliances by means of resin adhesive.


  • Treatment of the labial surface of teeth prior to application of resin-bonded ceramic or acrylic veneers.

  • Optimum level of phosphoric acid


  • Gives an effective etch pattern


  • Bright colouring


  • Treated area can easily be seen


  • Contains a non ionic detergent


  • For a uniform etching action


  • Thixotropic


  • Will not slump

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