VOCO Clip Caps (25 x 0.25g)

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VOCO Clip Caps (25 x 0.25g)
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Clip is a restorative material for clean, temporary obturations. The procedure of applying the material saves time as it can be cured using a halogen or LED polymerisation light. More over Clip remains elastic after curing and can be removed in one piece with a suitable instrument before permanent treatment of the cavity.

Clip products are also utilised in endodontics: in prolonged root treatment requiring more than one sitting Clip provides a saliva-proof seal for the cavity and thus protects it from germinal invasion. Here, too, the simple and time-saving handling of the material is advantageous during repeated sealing and re-opening in endodontic treatment

Furthermore, the excellent seal provided by Clip protects from undesirable food particles and bacteria entering the cavity.

Thus, Clip combines many advantages in one material.

  • The process of treatment becomes simpler 
  • Less time consuming.
  • Uncomplicated handling
  • Highly economical properties, saving of material,
  • Simple removal of the provisional filling