Venus Diamond Composite PLT Refill - Shade A3.5 - (0.25g x 20)

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Venus Diamond Composite PLT Refill - Shade A3.5 - (0.25g x 20)
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Universal light curing nano hybrid composite, radioopaque.

Venus Diamond is a light curing, radioopaque nano composite. It is indicated for adhesively bonded, tooth coloured restorations. It is suitable for anterior and posterior applications. Due to the excellent material properties, a beautiful aesthetic result and a durable, high lustre polish is easily reached.

  • Easy and convenient handling: Thanks to its firm and stable, low-stick consistency, the composite offers an extended working time and is perfect to model and polish.
  • Outstanding physical properties: The innovative formula from Venus Diamond offers exceptional flexural strength and minimal shrinkage stress. You obtain long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing restorations with a permanent, natural lustre.
  • Pure aesthetics: Venus Diamond offers a wide range of shades and can be applied in single- and multi-shade layering techniques. The material adapts perfectly to the colour of the surrounding teeth, creating an outstandingly natural look.


  • Direct restoration of Class I – V cavities
  • Direct composite veneers
  • Shape corrections of teeth (i.e. diastemas, congenital defects in teeth, etc.)
  • Splinting of teeth loosened by trauma or periodontal disease
  • Indirect restorations (inlays, veneers)
  • Restoration of primary teeth
  • Core build-up
  • Repairs of porcelain, composite (in combination with an adequate repair-system)
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