Shofu Dura-White Stones Flame FL-2 FG (12/pack)

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Shofu Dura-White Stones Flame FL-2 FG (12/pack)
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Vitrified-bonded aluminium oxide stones

For finishing of enamel, glass ionomer cements, composites, porcelain and prepared tooth abutment, none exceeds the performance of Dura-White stones. Made of micrograined aluminium oxide grits, each ”Arkansas“ stone is perfectly balanced and suited for very fine finishing and smoothing of various dental materials.


  • Precise concentricity
  • Low vibration performance
  • Consistent cutting action
  • Economical
  • High edge stability
  • Long-lasting service life
  • Wide range of shapes


  • Chairside
  • Finishing and very fine working of e.g. composite or glass ionomer filling materials, porcelain, tooth enamel, e.g. smoothing crown preparations after contouring with diamond abrasives
  • In the dental laboratory
  • Very fine contouring and fine finishing of porcelain or composite restorations

Suitable for the following materials: porcelain, composite, compomer, dental hard tissue, glass ionomer cement

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Shofu Dura-White Stones Point CN-1 RA (12/pack)
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