Sendoline SendoSeal MTA Root Canal Sealer (3g Syringe)

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Sendoline SendoSeal MTA Root Canal Sealer (3g Syringe)
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SendoSeal MTA is a root canal sealer designed to permanently seal the root canal. The sealer is bio-compatible and MTA-based, which means it sets by absorbing moisture in the root canal. With its high pH value (pH 10–12), SendoSeal MTA has an excellent antibacterial effect, which helps with the healing process.

Simple Application  –  SendoSeal MTA root canal sealer comes premixed in a syringe to apply the material directly to the root canal with the thin cannula, which ensures smooth and simple handling. It has an outstanding flowability, making it easy to fill the entire root canal.

Dimensional Stability and Hermetic Sealing  –  SendoSeal MTA root canal sealer is dimensionally stable and does not dissolve over time. The root canal remains sealed, protecting against the risk of any new infection.

High Radiopacity  –  SendoSeal MTA has a high radiopacity of over 8 mm AI which makes it easy to distinguish the root filling and assess the result of the X-ray.

Box of 1x 3g syringe Sendoseal MTA + 20 x 24 gauge cannulas.