Pana-Max2 Single Spray Standard Head B2 [Pana-Max2 B2]

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Pana-Max2 Single Spray Standard Head B2 [Pana-Max2 B2]
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The Pana-Max 2 Turbine offers much more endurance and power than previous models, while being just as easy to handle. Its sleek design provides maximum visibility of the operating field, easily reaching all areas of the oral cavity.

Unsurpassed Durability

Built to excel in clinical situations. Featuring a scratch-resistant stainless steel body and sturdier turbine head. Thanks to its uniquely designed shock-resistant head design, Pana Max2’s turbine rotor won’t get damaged even if dropped from meters onto a concrete floor.

Exceptional Longevity

Newly designed bearing structure with greater wear resistants and extended lifespan.

Pana-Max 2 Turbine 30% Power Boost

Pana-Max2 is dramatically more powerful than its predecessors thanks to the combination of NSK’s air turbine simulation technologies. Rated at a maximum of 20 watts, this new model boasts the highest rating in its class. That concentrated power, along with the bur’s high rotational accuracy, creates a synergistic effect that ensures fast, precise treatments.

Slim-Line Stainless Steel Body

Pana-Max2’s slim-line body guarantees excellent accessibility to the entire oral cavity. As a result visibility of the treatment area is maximised, allowing you to work with total efficiency.

Push Button Chuck

Push Button Chuck is NSK’s original push button auto-chuck mechanism that tensions the bur grip during rotation. It allows one-touch bur insertion and removal without tools. The bur lock mechanism is designed so that bur retention strength increases when high loads are applied to the bur.

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