Oxford Temp Crown & Bridge Material Shade A2 (10:1)

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Oxford Temp Crown & Bridge Material Shade A2 (10:1)
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The Oxford Temp is an automix temporary crown and bridge material formulated with multifunctional methacrylic esters eliminating the need for any methyl methacrylate. The absence of methyl methacrylate reduces the potential for patient sensitivity. This gives it superior compressive strength, superior diametral tensile strength and outstanding elastic modulus.

The heat generated is very low while curing which is beneficial to the pulp. This type of temporary material is very easy and comfortable for creating short or long term temporary crowns, bridges, onlays, and veneers. It‘s especially suitable for longer term bridges or spans. Prepared teeth are protected against external influences and preserves the occlusion.

Increasing transverse strength, good abrasion resistance and low polymerization shrinkage assures a perfect fit with good polishibility, good color stability and fluorescence gives perfect appearance.

  • Bubble free mixing


  • Greater convenience


  • Greater patient comfort


  • Less pulpa irritation


  • Lower potential for sensitivity


  •  More natural appearance


  • Especially suitable for long stable bridge spans or thin veeners


  • Automix dispensing


  • Low exothermic heat


  • Methyl methacrylate free


  • Fluorescence


  • High fracture resistance & hardness

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