NSK FX57m 4:1 Speed Reducing Polishing CA for Screw Type Cups and Brushes TD - FX57m

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NSK FX57m 4:1 Speed Reducing Polishing CA for Screw Type Cups and Brushes TD - FX57m
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With FX series, NSK introduced integrated contra-angles that reflected technologies developed throughout NSK history. The slim, stylish body gives you a larger operating field and offers a more secure grip.

Stainless steel material ensures high durability and lighter weight, resulting in excellent all-around usability. FX series handpieces are also easy to clean due to their integrated construction. To support dental professionals handling a wide variety of applications, FX series line-up covers cutting, PMTC treatments, and endodontic procedures. 

  • 4:1 Reduction
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • For Screw-in Cups and Brushes
  • 360o Rotation
  • W/O Spray
  • Max Speed: 5,000 min-1
  • Paste Defense System

Paste Defense System
FX57m's head incorporates NSK's original and exclusive dustproof mechanism known as the Paste Defense System. This system prevents polishing paste debris from entering the handpiece, and the DLC coating on the rotor prevents breakage caused by surface abrasions from the polishing paste. These features help to significantly extend the life of the handpiece. 

The seamless and stylish integrated body ensures easy and thorough cleaning after treatment, providing an elevated level of hygienic care. 

Highly Durable against Autoclave
FX series handpieces easily withstand repeated autoclaving at up to 135°C 

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