Luna 2 Univseral Composite Capsules - Shade A3 (20 x 0.25g)

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Luna 2 Univseral Composite Capsules - Shade A3 (20 x 0.25g)
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Luna 2 from SDI is an universal composite with an improved unique blend of fillers that were researched and developed at SDI to deliver the enhanced  handling, very high radiopacity and reliable mechanical properties. Luna 2 is BPA free for health-conscious patients and makes placing a composite easier than ever.

Luna 2 offers the innovative Logical Shade Matching Technology and Chameleon Effect for easier and precise shade selection. Shades were developed prioritising value (lightness), while pigments are arranged in a logically increasing way, for a simpler and faster match to the Vita Classical Shade Guide®. Patients will enjoy more accurate aesthetic results, including polishing and wear resistance for long lasting restorations.

  • BPA free - Luna 2 is formulated without BPA derivatives, perfect for health-conscious patients.
  • Curing time: 40 sec – opaque shade and 20 sec – remaining shades
  • 2mm depth of cure 

High Compressive Strength 360 MPa - Most mastication forces are compressive in nature, making this an important mechanical property for posterior restorations to support the occlusal load without fracturing.

High Flexural Strength 130 MPa - Luna 2 withstands masticatory forces in a similar way to dentine. This reduces failure risk either in areas of high stress, as Class V, or in less supported areas, such as cusp replacement or proximal boxes.

Natural Tooth-Like Properties Across All Light - Luna 2 technology mimics the natural properties of teeth across all light sources. Your patients will enjoy lifelike translucency, opalescence, and fluorescence, with outstanding clinical performance.

Perfect Creamy Handling - Luna 2’s handling has been further improved. Luna 2 has non-stick, non-slump handling. Dentists conducting clinical trials of Luna 2 have praised its outstanding handling and ease of packing and sculpting.

Radiopacity 250% AL - With dentine/enamel at 100/170% Al radiopacity, Luna 2’s outstanding radiopacity allows clear differentiation, providing easy and precise visualisation for diagnosis assistance.