Helioseal F Plus - Cavifil Refill (0.1g x 50)

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Helioseal F Plus - Cavifil Refill (0.1g x 50)
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Helioseal F Plus is a light-curing white composite resin fissure sealant with fluoride-releasing properties to fight against caries. Forms a tight seal to effectively protect the tooth from cariogenic germs.

Contains fine fillers to ensure the smooth surface of the seal which is easy to keep clean. Allows the practitioner to treat children quickly and comfortably. Flowable and easy to spread on complex contours such as pits and fissures (even in the upper jaw).

Can be cured in only 10 seconds when used in conjunction with a suitable polymerisation light. Features a convenient slender syringe which dispenses the correct amount of sealant exactly where it is needed, guaranteeing a precise application.

Fine cannula enables the practitioner to place the product swiftly and exactly without overfilling the fissures.

  • Spreadable on complex surfaces, including the upper jaw
  • Tight marginal seal protects against caries
  • Fine filler particles create a smooth sealant surface
  • Slender tip enables exact and efficient placement in fissures
  • Free from bisphenol-A