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3M Imprint 4 Bite VPS Bite Registration Material (2 x 50ml Cartridge + Mixing tips)


With its great flow properties and a high enough viscosity, Imprint 4 Bite material does not flow deeply into interdental areas and delivers highly accurate bite registrations. A high final hardness and low flexibility after setting allow for easy cutting and trimming as well as accurate positioning of stone models. Imprint 4 Bite offers a pleasant working time and a short setting time of only 60 seconds, keeping procedures moving quickly while enhancing patient comfort. And, it helps to reduce inaccuracies due to jaw movements during setting.

  • Good flow behaviour for high accuracy
  • Fast intra-oral setting for a faster procedure
  • High final hardness and low flexibility for easy cutting and trimming and accurate stone model positioning
  • Fresh material colour and scannability for good readability and easy access to the digital workflow
  • Cartridge delivery for simple and convenient mixing and dispensing.

Contains: 2 x 50ml Cartridges, 5 x Garant Mixing Tips Green, 5 x Intra-oral tips Bite.


RRP £55.00
Price £52.00
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3M RelyX Temp NE Temporary Cement (Contains: 30g base paste, 13g Catalyst, Activator & Mixing Pad)


3M RelyX Temp is a temporary cement with a zinc-oxide, eugenol base for crown and bridge procedures. 

Indications: temporary cementation of temporary and permanent crowns and bridges.

Contains: 30g base paste, 13g catalyst, activator and mixing pad.

RRP £38.75
Price £32.00
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Affinis Fast Light Body (2 x 50ml Cartridges)


AFFINIS wash materials wet the tooth and gingiva extremely quickly and effectively. Its hydrocolloid-like property ensure that the wash material flows into the narrowest areas without applying pressure. AFFINIS has a very low contact angle thanks to its structure-breaking property of the surfactant agent. The mixed material provides ­adequate stability and does not drip from the tooth.

RRP £49.50
Price £49.65
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Affinis Fast Putty Soft (300ml Base & 300ml Catalyst)

Contains 300ml of each base and catalyst

Affinis Putty Soft
  • Standard putty
  • The compatiable consistencies of the base and catalyst ensure for quick and easy mixing


Affinis Putty Super Soft
  • Very smooth putty
  • Can be easily mixed to a homogenous consistency.
  • Ideal for all one-step putty/ wash techniques.





RRP £80.70
Price £70.00
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