Applicators Pic N Stic (60/Pack)

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Applicators Pic N Stic (60/Pack)
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60 per pack

Pic-n-Stic is a 2.5" long plastic stick, 2mm in diameter, with an adhesive tip at one end. Use to pick up crowns, inlays, veneers, bands, brackets, files, reamers, clasps, precision attachments and numerous other objects.

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Kemdent Anutex Modelling Wax (500g)

Helps create the preliminary denture base to try in the patients mouth

  • Colour: Translucent Pink
  • Sheet size: 187mm x 88mm x 1.5mm thick
  • Pack size: 500g (24 sheets)
  • Will not irritate oral tissues.
  • No unpleasant odour or flavour.
  • Softens without becoming flaky or crumbly.
  • Trims easily and cleanly.
  • Shows a smooth glossy surface after gentle flaming.
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