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A-Silicone Fast Set Putty 

  • Hydrophilic
  • Thixotropic – NO SLUMPING
  • Convenient handling and easy to mix  
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Ample working time yet reduced setting time
  • Soft on insertion in the mouth for greater  patient comfort


Hydrophilic Light & Medium Wash

  • Super Hydrophilic and Thixotropic
  • Outstanding tear strength
  • Excellent detail capture at gingival margins
  • Exceptionally detailed reproduction of preparation margins
  • Both products (Putty and Wash), have different colours which are contrasting, allowing for better readability of the impressions
  • 50ml cartridge, for best results use with Uposil A-Silicone Putty


Bite Registration

  • Fast setting and low shrinkage allows accurate registration
  • The cartridges make it easy to use
  • High hardness but high elasticity means it’s easy to cut but very flexible
  • Optimal flow: Doesn’t flow in the mouth
  • Precise recording of occlusal contacts
  • 90 Shore Hardness
  • 50ml Cartridge