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Protaper Rotary Files

ProTaper Universal is the new version of the most popular Nickel Titanium endodontic system in the UK (Q4,07 SDM data) and is now being taught in the majority of the dental schools in the UK. It is the answer for clinicians in search of a single, versatile system that provides solutions for each stage of root canal treatment including treatment, re-treatment and obturation.

Breakthrough safety and simplicity features, combined with efficiency, are at the heart of ProTaper Universal. The net result for you and your patients is a consistently exceptional outcome.

The Multi-Tapered Effect: Each ProTaper® Universal file exhibits a unique multi-tapered shape along its cutting portions, which gives rise to the number of benefits that the ProTaper® Universal system has over other hand and 
rotary systems.

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DY191010 ProTaper ROTARY Shaping Files - 19mm - SX (pack of 6) £51.50 £37.00
DY210010 ProTaper ROTARY - Assortment Files - 21mm - (2 x S1, 2 x S2, 2 x F1) £51.50 £37.00
DY219010 ProTaper ROTARY - Starter Assortment Kit - 21mm (SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3) £51.50 £45.00
DY250020 ProTaper ROTARY - Assortment Files - 25mm - (2 x S1, 2 x S2, 2 x F1) £51.50 £45.00
DY310030 ProTaper ROTARY - Assortment Files - 31mm - (2 x S1, 2 x S2, 2 x F1) £51.50 £37.00