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Panavia F2 0

Shorter bonding time and greater shear bond strengths. Four shades to work with, especially useful for high quality or difficult restorations and bonded amalgams. Recommended by leading universities as a premium product as it provides consistently good results. Tried tested proven!

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KUR0029 Panavia F 2.0 Oxyguard II (1 x 6ml Syringe) £31.75 £29.75
KUR0160 Panavia F2.0 Intro Kit - WHITE £134.45 £120.00
KUR0170 Panavia F2.0 Complete Kit - WHITE £234.45 £195.00
KUR0171 Panavia F2.0 Complete Kit - TC £234.45 £195.00
KUR0172 Panavia F2.0 Complete Kit - OPAQUE £234.45 £195.00
KUR0173 Panavia F2.0 Complete Kit - LIGHT £234.45 £195.00
KUR0174 Panavia F2.0 - Paste A £78.25 £67.75
KUR0180 Panavia F2.0 - Paste B £80.75 £67.75