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NSK Ti-Max Z Contra Angles

  • Lightweight Titanium External Body
  • Small Head 8.9mm, H13.4mm (Z Series)
  • Scratch Resistant with DURAGRIP (Z series)
  • Option of 45° Angled Head (Z45L)
  • Nano Range (10% Shorter and Lighter)
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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
C1034001 NSK Ti-Max Z95L - 1:5 Speed Increasing Contra Angle Standard Head - OPTIC - Quattro Spray £1,446.00 £1,170.00
C1038001 Ti-Max Z25L 1:1 Direct Drive CA Standard Head Optic Single Spray £1,203.30 £970.00
C1064001 Ti-Max Z45L 1:4.2 Speed Increasing CA 45° Head Optic Internal Quattro Spray3YW £1,446.00 £1,411.00
C1099001 Ti-Max nano 95LS 1:5 Speed Increasing CA Standard Head Optic Quattro Spray £1,411.00 £1,411.00