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Herculite Ultra

The Herculite XRV Ultra has been based on the latest nanofiller techonology, in addition to offering improved handling, polishability, and wear resistance. It delivers an improved lifelike appearance to final restorations by replicating the oalescence and fluorescence of the natural tooth.


Syringe Minikit: 

  • 3 x syringes (4g) in shades enamel A2, A3, dentine A2
  • 1 x OptiBond Solo Plus bottle (5ml)
  • 1 x gel enchant (3g)
  • 25 x mixing wells
  • 50 x applicator tips 


Unidose Minikit: 

  • 3 x Unidose (10 x 0.2g) in shades enamel A2, A3, dentine A3
  • 1 x syringe Premise flowable A3 composite (1.7g)
  • 10 x tips for flowable composite
  • 1 x Optibond Solo Plus bottle (5ml)
  • 50 x applicator tips

Herculite Ultra Syringe Minikit

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