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Grandio Blocs

  • Highest filler content (86 % w/w)
  • Resembles natural teeth perfectly – modulus of elasticity and surface hardness identical to natural tooth substance
  • Excellent physical values for flexural strength and abrasion
  • No firing required
  • Compatible with all conventionally available devices
  • Can be polished and repaired optimally
  • Ideal for grinding even in cases with thin margins
  • Based on the nano-hybrid technology



Set blocks 2 × No. 12 (A2 LT, A3 HT), 3 × No. 14L (A3 LT, A3 HT, A3.5 LT), Bifix QM QuickMix syringe 10 g universal, Futurabond U SingleDose 5 pcs., Ceramic Bond bottle 5ml, Dimanto set
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VC6000 Grandio Blocs Set £240.45 £235.00
VC6020 Grandio Blocs - Size 14L - Shade A3 - Low Transulcent (pack of 5) £119.45 £112.00