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Fortis Bundle Syringes

Limited Time Offer

Fortis Bundle - Syringes

3 x 4 gram Composite Syringe, 1 x 5ml Prime and Bond


Fortis High Performance - Natural Shade Reproduction, Nano Hybrid Universal Composite

Shades A2, A3, A3.5


Fortis High Performance

Product Indications

• Light Cure  • Suitable for all classes of cavity  • Natural fluorescence  • High level of radiopacity

• Outstanding Handling

• Low shrinkage & high wear resistance

• Long lasting restorations



Prime and Bond

• Solvent Free • Odourless • Single Application • No Need for Separate Primer

• No Need for Separate Primer • Single Component Prime and Bond Material is a Viscous, Non-Thixotropic Light Curable Liquid

• Moistens for Bonding Composites and Compomers to Enamel, Dentine and Metal

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FORTISBUNDLE-SYR Fortis Bundle - Composite Syringe - A2, A3, A3.5 & Bonding Adhesive £93.00 £40.00